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I drew a fairy (I guess you could call it "custom-made") for a friend of mine :)  Her friend had drawn a really good one for her a few years ago and she used it for inspiration, but after a while it made her so mad that she couldn't draw as well that she threw the picture away, and told me she regretted it ever since :(  So a few weeks ago I offered to make an attempt to recreate it (I tend to get overconfident about my skills a lot -_-'  Should probably stop doing that...), and she was ecstatic and gave me lots of details about the original fairy... And even sent me a picture of a sketch someone had done in an attempt to copy the drawing. So yeah :)  Here's what came out of it :)  She hasn't given me any feedback about it yet, since I just sent it a minute ago, but here she is anyway. Hope you enjoy :D  (No LJ-cut because it's only one picture instead of a whole bunch...)

I can't post any that shows more detail because LJ is stupid now and won't let you edit pictures once you've pasted them into an entry, so I can't give you a better image... The original had a lot more detail than is showing up T_T  By the way, this isn't a tablet drawing... It's on a long-forgotten sketch pad I found, and there was still a lot of paper left so I just thought, what the heck, and used it for the fairy :)


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