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I swear I just clicked the "Import Entries" button like 5 seconds ago and all my LJ entries are already up here wow that was unexpectedly fast!

Well, then?? I guess I'm officially on DreamWidth now XD HELLO DW.
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I won't stay on the computer long because I have other stuff that needs to get done but... XD

So I made a DreamWidth account last night (which I regret because I wasted a lot of time online that could've been spent elsewhere orz) but it's pretty similar to LJ's old layout so I'm glad :D

I really don't like that the new friends page layout looks so much like tumblr. They even added infinite scrolling, which I'm not a big fan of... Tumblr will be tumblr and I think LJ should be LJ. I like tumblr because people are constantly posting things and it's really amusing. But I like coming back to LJ because not many people have accounts here and you can make your entries private anyway, so it's better for venting and stuff. Plus it's nice and quiet and doesn't break like tumblr does when Homestuck updates or Hetalia news comes up XD  I don't want LJ to look like tumblr because... It's not tumblr. And it doesn't need to be. And judging from the comments I read about the changes, other people are pretty opposed to it, too...

Just for the record, I don't plan on leaving LJ anytime soon. The reason I got an LJ... How long ago? I think a little over a year :O  (Holy crap, time passes fast.) Anyway. I got it because it was the only way to get access to the raw chapters of Pandora Hearts every month so I wouldn't go crazy from curiosity XDDD  And I doubt the raws provider will post it to many other places, especially not tumblr. She got into a really bad situation some months ago regarding the raw chapters, so she's really cautious now and doesn't want them showing up anywhere other than a members-locked entry of the PH community. I'm willing to deal with the tumblr layout for the comms. I also don't want to leave because this was the very first blog I ever created, and I've made some really good friends through LJ. You're all very supportive and can offer advice and asdfjkl you're all really wonderful people okay <3  If LJ didn't exist I probably wouldn't have such awesome Internet friends and I feel like I can't just abandon this blog, no matter how drastic future changes are 8(

I'll be sticking around here for awhile longer ;)  They can't get rid of me that easily, haha XD

Gonna go rushrushrush to get some art done because I need to practice meeting deadlines with decent pieces ^^;  Since it's the Day of the Dead this week that's our prompt. Just... research it a little and decide what it means to us personally and also mix in some things from a famous Mexican artist named Jose Posada. He did a lot of skeletons in his drawings and I've never tried drawing an accurate skeleton but whatever, experience is good \o/  And if time allows I'm gonna try using watercolors to paint it because that's the only paint we have X'D  Acryllics are expensive D'8
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So apparently art isn't going quite as smoothly as I thought it would ^^;

I was kind of hoping this year I would be able to post a lot more drawings since I'm taking art now and it's actually required to draw stuff, but... I reeeeeeeally suck at the stuff we're being asked to draw DX  Like landscapes. Oh, my Lord. I thought mine was fairly decent considering I'd never worked with perspective or landscapes or mountains or even had a legit light source in my entire life. I used colored pencils to color it because that's one of the few media I'm familiar with. (The teacher wanted me to draw on really big paper instead of in my sketchbook to make me step out of my comfort zone a little bit and that was as far as I was going XD) The picture looked okay when I finished it. But when I got to class the next day and we were all hanging our landscapes on the wall for the class to critique, I realized I was the only one who used colored pencils and the picture was way too light and almost impossible to see. Everyone else has used paint. Vibrant colors. Advanced lighting. And I was just sitting there the whole time, staring in horror at my sad excuse for a nature portrait and thinking about how it looked like complete and utter crap next to everyone else's.

I am never drawing a landscape again. If I tell you guys I'm going to try again I want one of you to shoot me.

So yeah. Our homework was to take our landscapes back home and tweak them based on the critique we got. I'm going over the colored pencils with oil pastels. It's my first time working with oil pastels and I hate them because they don't produce a very smooth texture at all and it pisses me off. (At least they're brighter.) I never thought I would ever say this, but I miss digital coloring DX  I'm not very good at it but it's so much easier and it has an undo button and you can color in different layers. Layers would be so helpful right now omfg. It's almost 3 am here and I'm not even halfway done coloring and I still have a bunch of APUSH left to finish >.>  (We also have to turn in 10 science fair questions tomorrow and I've only thought of one orz  Hopefully I can just change one of the variables and make several more questions out of it.) But I waited until the last minute to do all of this and it's my fault for lacking the ability to focus on anything to save my life so don't feel sorry for me XD

Tonight's going to be another all-nighter but if sleep was important, they wouldn't have invented school. That's my mentality. I'm thinking about giving up drawing manga for awhile or even dropping it completely... I just don't have time to draw it anymore. And when I'm not working on something academic-related, I need to be getting better at realistic art so I can get into college. No college is going to accept manga. The only way I won't end up as a hobo in Central Park when I grow up is if I learn to draw realism and stop doing manga. That's just how it is :/  I'm going to draw a picture for my best friend's birthday at the end of this week and then I'm quitting... Just as a warning.
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I'm trying to keep my tumblr and LJ fairly active so here have a doodle? >.<

So I like Adventure Time a lot )
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Okay, it's after one AM so I'm going to bed soon but I thought I'd update you guys on my school adventures a bit ^-^

*snip snip snip* )

By the way, I'm sorry I'm not responding to comments just yet. I will this weekend, I promise :)
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Welp, school starts tomorrow and I haven't finished my homework. I did finish all of my English stuff, though, so I guess I feel a little accomplished X'D  I did two out of five French essays and I teamed up with a few of my friends for the book work. (I'm about to start copying/checking/editing the work right now. I did a bunch of the additional exercises in the back of the book and they gave me most of the first half.) I did about half of the math today, so now I'm just kind of bs-ing it so that maybe I'll get effort points ^^'  And... um... I'm sad to say that my parents helped me a LOT with history. And I mean A LOT. My mom did all my terms for me (but she just copied and pasta-ed everything from random websites) and my dad is working on the reading guide for The Founding Brothers >.<  I'm not going to let him finish it because he's done a lot and I deserve the bad grade anyway DX  And it's getting late and I don't want him to overwork himself.

Hopefully they won't grade our stuff too harshly :/  But for now... I guess this is goodbye for awhile DDD:  (I plan to get on tumblr later this week to say the same.) I wish you guys luck on the school year :DDDDDDDD  I'll probably come back here every now and then if I'm procrastinating or something and I'll comment on entries whenever I get the chance. So yeah :)  My school is cutting off a lot of vacation days so we still don't have a full week of Thanksgiving and only like a week and a half for Christmas and no weather days. If it's like that for any of you guys... I WISH YOU MUCH LUCK. Also, take mental health days if need be :D  Sometimes it's really helpful to just stay home for a day and work on homework from the previous night or just rest :)

Doodles :D

Aug. 15th, 2012 11:18 pm
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I'm doing my best to limit tumblr (though it's not working well) so I'm trying to get back into LJ :3  So uh... Have some drawings?

Three new-ish drawings )
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I haven't posted here in several days :O  Maybe even a week. Tumblr ate me, I'm sorry DX

Anyway. I'm rereading A Lollipop or a Bullet and decided the series deserved an entry or two :)

I once read an entry regarding the ending and the person who wrote it said that the manga had probably the worst art they had seen in their entire life. I beg to differ.

Let's just say this manga has more detail than I have ever seen in my life, even compared to Pandora Hearts, where MochiJun draws every single blade of grass as well as the little flowers scattered around in it and then draws the character lying on the grass and has all the individual blades bending down under the weight. Lollipop is different. The artist puts that kind of detail in EVERY PANEL. Not just a selective few per chapter. EVERY. PANEL. OF EVERY. CHAPTER.

Wow I think I love details way more than I should )


Aug. 11th, 2012 09:43 pm
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... I have a problem DX

I already reached 999 posts on tumblr and have no idea what to do for the 1000th one O.O

Anybody have any ideas or requests or anything? D':  (Not another art dump, though >.<)

EDIT: Never mind.

New Doodle

Jul. 31st, 2012 04:03 pm
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I bring more art :D  Just one picture, though >.>;  (I already posted it on tumblr~)

Wow this picture is big let's just stick it under here )


Jul. 30th, 2012 03:57 pm
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THE ART DUMP I'VE BEEN PROMISING FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS OR SO :D  I've been procrastinating... A lot... The only reason I decided to post it today was because I wanted to have it up before the 31st. Which is tomorrow. So yeah. I was gonna have a lot more pictures than this, but I haven't finished them DDDDX  Sorry :'(

Organized into categories for your convenience :) )

._.' ..

Jul. 22nd, 2012 09:25 pm
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neku chibi


Jul. 17th, 2012 09:39 pm
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I'm sorry everyone I just feel so crazy after Retrace 75 and almost heartbroken (and this is coming from someone with no soul) and my brain is a little messed up and I think everyone is funny after reading the chapter and hahaha GAAAAAAH I'M SORRY DDDDDDX

Scrolling through Tumblr and seeing how everyone's reactions to Alice are the same

And lots of MochiJun jokes

Like this one:



... I CAN'T.

Ha... Ahaha... Ahahahahahahahahahahaha


On the bright side... Oz is really cute as a little kid... a bright side to Pandora Hearts what the heck is that:



Okay okay I'm done now... I have to take a shower. So I have more time to spend alone. Suffering. In anguish ;-;  WHAT THE HECK ALICE I SWEAR I WILL REACH INTO THIS COMPUTER SCREEN AND PULL YOU OUT BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY I AM LETTING YOU LEAVE THIS TROLLIFIC SERIES SO SOON


Jul. 13th, 2012 12:34 am
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... I still don't wanna fight that boss in TWEWY >.<  Haha, I was watching people beat the final boss on YouTube and noticed they had six different pins they were fighting with. And I realized I only have four and I missed my chances to get more pin slots. I am so screwed D8  So I bought more pins and finished mastering them today X'DD  If I can't have six pins, I can at least make the most of what I have? I bought a healing pin called Peace-Full and dude, when you level it up completely it lasts five uses :O  (I can work with this...)

This is what I do with my life )
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I've made it to the final day of TWEWY, guys.

I'ma attempt to fight the boss tomorrow (on easy, haha).

Reflections on the best game I know )
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Today was my first day of driver's ed :(  It was okay; we just did busy work the whole time. I didn't really know anybody in my class, but that wasn't much of a problem because nobody had the courage to talk, anyway XD  On the bright side (?), one of my band friends was there, so I just hung out with her during breaks. She failed algebra II by about a point :(  Fortunately, she said the summer school teacher actually taught them how to do the math and ACTUALLY ANSWERED YOUR QUESTIONS. Not stand in front of the problem on the board while she worked it out or simply ask you a question right back. It's not every day you find teachers who do their job anymore ._.  (The only downside to this teacher is that she makes you look like an idiot when you ask questions...)

Also got to play more TWEWY when I got home. I'm halfway through the third and final week :DD  And Beat is an idiot. It's a wonder Neku can tolerate him. ("Must... trust... partner..." X'DDDD) I think I'll actually finish this game before summer ends O.o  nooooooooooooooooooo


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