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Aug. 15th, 2012 11:18 pm
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I'm doing my best to limit tumblr (though it's not working well) so I'm trying to get back into LJ :3  So uh... Have some drawings?

Three new-ish drawings )


Jul. 30th, 2012 03:57 pm
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THE ART DUMP I'VE BEEN PROMISING FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS OR SO :D  I've been procrastinating... A lot... The only reason I decided to post it today was because I wanted to have it up before the 31st. Which is tomorrow. So yeah. I was gonna have a lot more pictures than this, but I haven't finished them DDDDX  Sorry :'(

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I haven't posted anything in a while O.o  School is eating my time DX

Well, we're on tornado watch right now and it's pouring outside... But we got out of school at 1:30 today, so it's all good~~~  I had to make up an algebra II test this afternoon (which I was going to fail O.O  Which is not good because I have a 53 in that class!! DD8). But then the announcements came on and were like, "Oh, yeah, we heard we're getting some bad weather, so we're letting school out at 1:30."  Everyone's reactions were hilarious XDDDD  People were screaming and shouting and jumping and whatnot... They is craaaaazy XD
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I'm 16~~

Oct. 9th, 2011 05:10 pm
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My commemorative planned 50th entry!! :D  Woot  \(^o^)/

**THIS WILL EVENTUALLY BE EDITED SO THAT IT WILL INCLUDE A MANGA PICTURE OF ME. ('Cause I'm too scared of pedophiles to post a real picture >_<;;)**
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Back to school tomorrow, week 2. Fun. Might as well post a few more pictures while I can~~ Not quite as many as yesterday, though ^^'

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I have good news!! I finally figured out how to rotate and edit the pictures I send from my phone :)  So now (unless I happen to be in a big hurry and don't care) there will no longer be any sideways pictures up here where you have to break your neck trying to see it :D  Hopefully they will show up today because apparently my cloud pictures from yesterday weren't working... I did try fixing them but I have no idea if it worked ot not...

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I drew a fairy (I guess you could call it "custom-made") for a friend of mine :)  Her friend had drawn a really good one for her a few years ago and she used it for inspiration, but after a while it made her so mad that she couldn't draw as well that she threw the picture away, and told me she regretted it ever since :(  So a few weeks ago I offered to make an attempt to recreate it (I tend to get overconfident about my skills a lot -_-'  Should probably stop doing that...), and she was ecstatic and gave me lots of details about the original fairy... And even sent me a picture of a sketch someone had done in an attempt to copy the drawing. So yeah :)  Here's what came out of it :)  She hasn't given me any feedback about it yet, since I just sent it a minute ago, but here she is anyway. Hope you enjoy :D  (No LJ-cut because it's only one picture instead of a whole bunch...)

I can't post any that shows more detail because LJ is stupid now and won't let you edit pictures once you've pasted them into an entry, so I can't give you a better image... The original had a lot more detail than is showing up T_T  By the way, this isn't a tablet drawing... It's on a long-forgotten sketch pad I found, and there was still a lot of paper left so I just thought, what the heck, and used it for the fairy :)
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I-I'm quite ashamed of this doodle... It was done back in April, apparently, on Paint (because I hadn't done it in a while... I usually just do or
Manga Studio). Explaination for the crappiness is under the cut~~


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Soooo sleepy... But I'ma post some drawings before I go to bed :)  Not many today, though...

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Yes, yes... Today was the last day of band camp (thank GOD) soooooo why not celebrate with some pictures? We didn't have to be on the field until after 10:30 today because of freshman orientation, so I finally took pictures with my phone of the Vocaloids (and some other random doodles). :)

To the random doodles of randomness :) )
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Currently having a brain fart on my essay, and I found some more doodles in my phone so I emailed them to myself to post... Please enjoy and don't hate too much :D

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Taking advantage of being able to send pictures to my email :D  Today I have 2 pictures I drew (one on a tablet and one on paper) and a Hetalia reference :)

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A few doodles I though I'd share :)  I figured out how I could send pictures from my phone to my email! So now the Internet can have more spam!!! :D

Please view my drawings! It will make me very happy if you do~~ )


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