Jul. 13th, 2012 12:34 am
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... I still don't wanna fight that boss in TWEWY >.<  Haha, I was watching people beat the final boss on YouTube and noticed they had six different pins they were fighting with. And I realized I only have four and I missed my chances to get more pin slots. I am so screwed D8  So I bought more pins and finished mastering them today X'DD  If I can't have six pins, I can at least make the most of what I have? I bought a healing pin called Peace-Full and dude, when you level it up completely it lasts five uses :O  (I can work with this...)

Ah! I've been scrolling through Tumblr for the past two hours or so looking at TWEWY pictures and I keep seeing .gifs and screenshots from Dream Drop Distance. I am so pumped about that game~~~  And I am in love with Joshua's hair, omg. It looks so soft 8)  And I'm sad to say that when he plays with his hair in 3-D it looks rather sexy...

It's not just Joshua, though. Everyone looks so beautiful in 3-D :O  They're just so much more expressive! I love the eyes and hair, especially. Still don't like Beat, but Rhyme looked absolutely adorable. Happier, even. Shiki's not bad, either. Joshua still has amazing hair XD  And Neku. Neku. Like... Everything about that guy in 3-D is perfect XDDD  His eyes are the best. For some reason, I really like it when the people in the KH games blink. It's so slow and smooth, I guess? So whenever I see a .gif of Neku I'm immediately attracted to his eyes. And I finally figured out why. IT'S HIS EYELASHES. UFHEGI;GNGB;BKBDF HE HAS EYELASHES. And you know what? They look really good on him.

Like this:

Point proven. I forgot to mention how perfect the angles of his eyebrows are, too

EDIT: Found another .gif featuring the ever-adorable Neku:

Look at them chubby cheeks and that childish scowl~  :3

Okay, I'm gonna go to bed now because this entry is really delirious. I mean, look at me, freaking out about hair and eyelashes seriously what do I do with my life? XD  Whoa I just realized the strap on his iPod does not obey the laws of gravity at all

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