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Happy Fourth of July, everyone~!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD  I don't have any doodles for today, though. 'Cause I'm not really a big fan of America when he's by himself. Plus I'm still working on my art dump, anyway, so I must try and save everything...! DDX  Oh. I started my homework yesterday. Blech. I've been reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks since before we went to the beach (still gotta upload those pictures, crap! DX) and I'm finally in the two hundreds, but it's gotten to the point where IT JUST WON'T END. GRAH. It has a little over three hundred pages, which is really big for me because I'm not a reader, and I dunno. It was really good at first. But now the Lacks family is just annoying the crap out of me. No offense to Deborah, but she's freaking insane and she didn't even know her mom T_T  Geez.

Clik to read rambles and fangirling about beautifully gay video game couples :D )

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I finally understand Tumblr now~!!!!!!!! Took me a day and a half but I did~ I am going to regret this day for the rest of my life

Well, I'm satisfied now. Whoopee :D

Ah, I won't be at home for a week because we're going to the beach (fun), buuuut we're bringing our laptops so I'll still be able to get on LJ and maaaaaaaaybe get around to replying to comments which you all probably know I'm infamous for being late. I'm actually not a very big fan of the beach ^^'  There's nothing to do there. I mean... I can easily sit in my room for two hours straight doing nothing but listen to my iPod and call it "bliss," but I can't stand sitting on the beach all day. At least my room is air-conditioned and sand-free X'D  (And salt water sometimes irritates my skin, boo DX) But on the bright side, our hotel room is gonna be on the 26th floor or something. I'm terrified of heights but I can't stand to room on the first floor because there's no balcony and you have a crappy view. Being higher up makes it more interesting! Plus if there's a tsunami we'll be the first to know (and the first to die trying to get to the first floor, haha). I shall post pictures of the beach and maybe I'll get some doodles done. Probably not, but there's always hope? :')
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Guys, guys~  I (or... Alice...) found this ultra-creepy Vocaloid video and I just found the background for it this afternoon. I've been looking for it for awhile XD  Completely changed the meaning of the whole freaking video. There's a looooooot of information in the background, but you should read it~  You could maybe watch the video first to familiarize yourself with it and then read the background, then watch the video again. It'll make more sense. And if you don't have time to read all of the background, just read the parts about a few of the experiments. Scary stuff.

Background information:


Now, if you don't mind, I think I'll go mop my room (which I've been avoiding, haha) and try to forget until I go to bed tonight X'DDD

Oh, yeah! Here's something funny to kind of take your mind off the creepy video for a bit. It's this hilarious website with so much random stuff XDDDD  It's amazing~~
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This is for myself just so I can have an organized collection of GIFs, but they're pretty amusing so you guys can see them, too XD  (Mostly from CAPTALIA's GIF Friday post!)

Like this one~

Oh gosh, when I first saw this one, I remember not being able to breathe for five minutes straight because I was laughing so hard XDDDDD


Many More Over Here~~~ )
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I haven't posted anything in a while O.o  School is eating my time DX

Well, we're on tornado watch right now and it's pouring outside... But we got out of school at 1:30 today, so it's all good~~~  I had to make up an algebra II test this afternoon (which I was going to fail O.O  Which is not good because I have a 53 in that class!! DD8). But then the announcements came on and were like, "Oh, yeah, we heard we're getting some bad weather, so we're letting school out at 1:30."  Everyone's reactions were hilarious XDDDD  People were screaming and shouting and jumping and whatnot... They is craaaaazy XD
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So! I collect icons... for no particular reason... (like I collected random hilarious flair on Facebook before I got sick of Facebook and quit XD) It's not very big yet but it will get there! May become image-heavy as I add more... (Too bad LJ won't let you have unlimited icons :[)

NOTE:  I steal random people's icons and forget to credit them and therefore have no idea where they came from so I apologize in advance so I don't get hunted down and killed in the middle of the night >_<  (I did make a few of my own icons, though... But just the PH ones that feature the covers and a couple from the artbook Odds and Ends.)
Icons~ :) )
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Yeah, I realized that I've talked about myself in random bits and pieces but I haven't done an actual introduction yet... So... Problem (?) is about to be solved :D

Intro~~ )
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School starts Monday... It's 1 in the morning on Friday... I have to finish an essay and write another and SparkNote another book because it was too boring to read it for real... I have to finish a diagnostic test for Algebra II and just found out a few hours ago that G assigned 46 more problems for us to do... I also have to memorize a bit of Chemistry crap but the teacher said she'd give a test on it during the first week, not on the first day, and most of it's Periodic Table stuff anyway, plus a few formulas and whatnot... I have quite a bit of work left T_T  And then there were some colorings I wanted to finish plus a chibi Prussia fanart I was doing on the tablet (and I'm epically failing DX)... And my friend has been waiting for weeks for a fairy drawing but I never got around to drawing her... That one's my priority. As soon as I finish this buttload of work I'm going to draw the fairy and actually use a SCANNER!!!! with plenty of help from my dad because I'm challenged

I just had a slice of cheesecake :)  It was quite yummy :)  I'm not sure what flavor it was but it was good... I think it was cherry... It's from a fruit sampler :D  I wanted cheesecake on Tuesday but never got around to eating it... And I started craving pickles a few days ago, too. That craving has yet to be satisfied. I'm obsessed with pickles XD  I always get them at football games... Or my mom does for me because the band has to play... And march. I fail at marching XD  But pickles make it better~  And fried Oreos or fried Twinkies. Those things are diabetic comas waiting to happen...

So tired... -_-  I don't even feel like putting an LJ-cut... Sigh~ aru

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Taking advantage of being able to send pictures to my email :D  Today I have 2 pictures I drew (one on a tablet and one on paper) and a Hetalia reference :)

Clickety click :D )


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