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Happy, happy spring break~!!!!!!!!!! Not too much homework for the week, so it's all good :DDDD

So~  I was looking at the hilarious blog page for ugly Pandora Hearts anime screenshots (for the millionth time) and decided to make some icons from the pictures X'DDDDDD  <-- official boredom  Please enjoy~~




Hope you liked these BEAUTIFUL icons XDDDDDD

All pictures came from this lovely site:

Nothing else for today, unfortunately >_<;;;  Just icons XDD
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I haven't posted anything in a while O.o  School is eating my time DX

Well, we're on tornado watch right now and it's pouring outside... But we got out of school at 1:30 today, so it's all good~~~  I had to make up an algebra II test this afternoon (which I was going to fail O.O  Which is not good because I have a 53 in that class!! DD8). But then the announcements came on and were like, "Oh, yeah, we heard we're getting some bad weather, so we're letting school out at 1:30."  Everyone's reactions were hilarious XDDDD  People were screaming and shouting and jumping and whatnot... They is craaaaazy XD
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So! I collect icons... for no particular reason... (like I collected random hilarious flair on Facebook before I got sick of Facebook and quit XD) It's not very big yet but it will get there! May become image-heavy as I add more... (Too bad LJ won't let you have unlimited icons :[)

NOTE:  I steal random people's icons and forget to credit them and therefore have no idea where they came from so I apologize in advance so I don't get hunted down and killed in the middle of the night >_<  (I did make a few of my own icons, though... But just the PH ones that feature the covers and a couple from the artbook Odds and Ends.)
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