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Eh, short post today... I'm sleepy ^^'  However, I bring some more APH fanart for you guys~  They are chibis~  The chibis I chose to draw are very biased~  (Really?)

I know I missed a couple of spots when I was editing >_<  But I didnt realize that until right now, so... Yeah. Oh, well. (Maybe that'll get fixed in a couple of months XDD)  Hope you like the random chibis :D  The first chibi of Iceland is the best picture I've done of him... Though Mr. Puffin is a fail... >.>  //can't draw animals worth crap/  Ah, well. For the chibis at the bottom: I was going to post them on Christmas Day, since it's Christmas-related, but I didn't finish drawing Norway until today XDDDD  His clothes were rushed because I was sick of procrastinating... for once... But please ignore that!!!!!!! DX

Random note: I drew this before I realized that Norway's haircurl is supposed to be detached from his head -_-'  Stupid Wikipedia!! Why didn't you make yourself known earlier????? D:<

Um! I am proud to announce that I've officially gotten better at chibis!! :D  They used to not be cute at all... Reading too much Hetalia has its advantages~  //shot/

Well, the entry's kind of short... No cut because it's too much trouble :3
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Well, I'm still working on the IcelandxSeychelles fanart... It's just taking so long to trace from the rough sketch!! I really wish I'd used a gray-ish color to do the rough sketch... 'Cause, like... Now I can't see what I trace until I change the transparency of the layers T_T  Sigh...

So I did a quick Seychelles fanart using a gray pencil thing in case I decided to trace it and make it neater. And it turned out that I never did >.>  (It seems like stuff like this always happens D:)Um, doodle :D And a ramble :D )


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