Jul. 30th, 2012 03:57 pm
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THE ART DUMP I'VE BEEN PROMISING FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS OR SO :D  I've been procrastinating... A lot... The only reason I decided to post it today was because I wanted to have it up before the 31st. Which is tomorrow. So yeah. I was gonna have a lot more pictures than this, but I haven't finished them DDDDX  Sorry :'(

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This is for myself just so I can have an organized collection of GIFs, but they're pretty amusing so you guys can see them, too XD  (Mostly from CAPTALIA's GIF Friday post!)

Like this one~

Oh gosh, when I first saw this one, I remember not being able to breathe for five minutes straight because I was laughing so hard XDDDDD


Many More Over Here~~~ )
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Well, I'm still working on the IcelandxSeychelles fanart... It's just taking so long to trace from the rough sketch!! I really wish I'd used a gray-ish color to do the rough sketch... 'Cause, like... Now I can't see what I trace until I change the transparency of the layers T_T  Sigh...

So I did a quick Seychelles fanart using a gray pencil thing in case I decided to trace it and make it neater. And it turned out that I never did >.>  (It seems like stuff like this always happens D:)Um, doodle :D And a ramble :D )
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Back with another picture I colored :)  And It's NOT Iggy this time! :D  It took me over a week to color because I couldn't work for long periods of time due to last-minute homework... (I did finish it, though...!!! Barely, but I did!) Please don't hate on the cat >_<  I couldn't find a good color for him :'(

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Soooo sleepy... But I'ma post some drawings before I go to bed :)  Not many today, though...

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I have a ton of Hetalia pictures on my phone, so I emailed them to myself to post here :) But since they're phone pictures they're in poor quality :(


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Because I have no life :)

There are many YouTube links, beware~!! :D )
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Taking advantage of being able to send pictures to my email :D  Today I have 2 pictures I drew (one on a tablet and one on paper) and a Hetalia reference :)

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