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I missed yesterday -_-  Partly because of homework and partly for... something else...

Censored for males who would rather not know. And for easily grossed-out girls. )
It was quite unfortunate that the junior drum major didn't go hoarse. She didn't yell enough... However! One of the really annoying and weird I.B. kids wanted to splash water all over her during our long break today, and she told him that she would make him run three laps around the field if he did. (We practice on the baseball field.) We all heard it, so he yelled, "IS IT WORTH IT??" and everyone screamed back, "YES! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!" He started chasing her around the drums that had been set down in a line, and she almost got in trouble for doing that... No horseplay near the band equipment, kiddos! :)  It was funny, but he never did get to splash her... She was too fast and he was too fat. That was disappointing...

We started setting drill today! We all love setting drill because that means once we've been set, we get to sit down and rest. Sure, running back and forth between our poker chips isn't exactly my idea of fun, or anyone else's for that matter, but we're lazy people and we don't like marcing very much :)  So even though it was 101 degrees today it wasn't as bad as doing basics all morning.

The cafeteria now has air conditioning! :D  We did our sectional in there, and then the rest of the band joined us in there, so we didn't have to move stands and crap, plus we gt chairs while everyone else had to stand up! It was wonderful :)  Even though the sectional was with the gay pedophile... Yes. He is a pedo. Like the kind who will peek in your window in the middle of the night and watch you sleep with this manic face with drool leaking from his mouth. That kind of pedo. (And you can tell because he's always trying to flirt with us teenagers. And creeping the heck out of us.) He told us his real name at the sectional yesterday and said we couldn't tell anyone or call him by that name or he would come after us or something... I don't remember for sure because I wasn't listening :)  I've been trying to refrain from telling people's names here so that some creeper won't try to find them, but his name was so funny I'll post it anyway :)  It'll be somewhat hidden under a cut but still. His real name... is...

*drum roll* )
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If you don't give a crap about my band camp complaints, please don't click the link <3  (Huh, that was weird... I never type hearts O.o)

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