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I went back to playing TWEWY again and haven't put it down in about 2 hours XD  Making a grand total of four hours today. (I haven't been so pumped up about beating a video game since Katamari :O  I could never play Kingdom Hearts because I wasn't motivated to finish it. Even if my teammates died all I did was run around and collect everything my enemies dropped before I started actually fighting them again ^^')

So, uh... My hand is pretty cramped right now X'DDD  BUT I MUST PLAY MOAR. MOOOOOOOAR!!!! So I came back to the computer to look up cheats 'cause apparently I'm too stupid to find Towa Records to meet up with Rhyme and Beat >.>;
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Come share the TWEWY love~! <3 )
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Happy Fourth of July, everyone~!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD  I don't have any doodles for today, though. 'Cause I'm not really a big fan of America when he's by himself. Plus I'm still working on my art dump, anyway, so I must try and save everything...! DDX  Oh. I started my homework yesterday. Blech. I've been reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks since before we went to the beach (still gotta upload those pictures, crap! DX) and I'm finally in the two hundreds, but it's gotten to the point where IT JUST WON'T END. GRAH. It has a little over three hundred pages, which is really big for me because I'm not a reader, and I dunno. It was really good at first. But now the Lacks family is just annoying the crap out of me. No offense to Deborah, but she's freaking insane and she didn't even know her mom T_T  Geez.

Clik to read rambles and fangirling about beautifully gay video game couples :D )

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I'm actually starting to feel better now. Seems like it was just a temporary virus after all~~  Like one of those 24-hour ones. So it's all good :D  Still a little weak because I haven't eaten anything solid since yesterday, but that can be fixed easily. Mom says white rice/Japanese rice is good for when you're sick :3  So excited~

Sick :(

Jul. 2nd, 2012 12:59 pm
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So I've been sick since yesterday... I was having bad cramps so I took some medicine and slept the afternoon away XD  But then later that night I started feeling sickly and ended up throwing up about three times between 9 pm and 1 this morning o_e  And the third time there was like, nothing left and it felt really pointless DX  It took awhile to finally go to sleep because I still didn't feel so great. Then this morning there was a thunderstorm and I heard the biggest boom ever and it scared the crap out of me, even though it was only 5:30 X'DDD  Normally I like thunderstorms but the sound of thunder made me feel nauseous all this morning >.<  Ugh. I hope this is just a virus. Can't stay on the computer much longer because it'll make me feel sick again DDD':

... Ive still gotta upload those beach pictures... When I feel better you guys can see them :'D
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A hopeless otaku who needs a life away from computers ( ^-^);
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... What the title says XDD

I dunno if these songs will work for you guys, but they usually work for me when I need ideas for drawings :)
^-^ )
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Helloooooo :DD  Tumblr has been eating my life (as much as I would prefer otherwise) so I haven't been blogging here as much as before >.<  Ah, apparently my best friend has a Tumblr and now we're following each other, so I'm happy about that XDDD  Her username is jodypo95 and she's posted a couple of random pictures of toast and calls them "Post Toast" XDD  And she requested a manga character with some post toast. Sooooo I drew and colored this XDDDDDDD

It took me a little over three hours to draw and color this ^^'  Not a great coloring job but I've done muuuuch worse X'D  Done with a tablet in Hope you likey :D
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I'm so happy~  I posted the picture for the PH official guide that's coming out soon on Tumblr and it's already gotten 6 likes and 4 reblogs XDDD  (Small things impress me...)

... I'm not on the beach right now because I got burned really badly yesterday >.<  In the weirdest places, too. Like on my knees and the tops of my feet and the backs of my hands. Sometimes it's hard to stand! D8  I put some aloe vera on the burns, though, and it helped ^-^  Fun times in Panama City, huh?
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Why did I read this just before bed whywhywhy this was the worst bedtime story ever OZ OH MY GOD YOU HAD BETTER NOT DIE ON ME AND YOUR COUNTLESS FANGIRLS YOU STILL HAVE SOME BUSINESS TO TAKE CARE OF IN THIS TROLLTASTIC SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDD'8<  *has epic spasms for the rest of eternity*

My God, Mochizuki-sensei is a troll. I seriously think this chapter could rival the infamous chapter 65 just because of all the stuff that happened O.o

... And I really wish I hadn't read the translation and everything right before I went to bed because now my brain is going to keep me up all night because now we have to suffer YET ANOTHER FREAKING MONTH OF TRYING TO WRAP OUR MINDS AROUND EVERYTHING BEFORE SHE TROLLS US AGAIN DDDDDDDX

Good gosh, I'm sorry for all the spazzing D8
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I finally understand Tumblr now~!!!!!!!! Took me a day and a half but I did~ I am going to regret this day for the rest of my life

Well, I'm satisfied now. Whoopee :D

Ah, I won't be at home for a week because we're going to the beach (fun), buuuut we're bringing our laptops so I'll still be able to get on LJ and maaaaaaaaybe get around to replying to comments which you all probably know I'm infamous for being late. I'm actually not a very big fan of the beach ^^'  There's nothing to do there. I mean... I can easily sit in my room for two hours straight doing nothing but listen to my iPod and call it "bliss," but I can't stand sitting on the beach all day. At least my room is air-conditioned and sand-free X'D  (And salt water sometimes irritates my skin, boo DX) But on the bright side, our hotel room is gonna be on the 26th floor or something. I'm terrified of heights but I can't stand to room on the first floor because there's no balcony and you have a crappy view. Being higher up makes it more interesting! Plus if there's a tsunami we'll be the first to know (and the first to die trying to get to the first floor, haha). I shall post pictures of the beach and maybe I'll get some doodles done. Probably not, but there's always hope? :')
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Short post today~

I just created a tumblr account and ranted about how it made no sense. T_T  'Cause it doesn't. Grah! DDX  (I have the same username as I do here... If anyone wanted to be my friend or explain to me how the heck you do anything X'D)

Ahh, I have a new Asian friend!!! She's so awesome! She is my level otaku, which is pretty freaking major. You don't find many people like that. She likes a whole bunch of manga that I do (as well as a whole bunch I don't, like Black Butler and Naruto and Bleach and crap like that, just to name a few. And Nabari no Ou.). She really likes Mirai Nikki and just finished the series because it's just that amazing. I got her to read PH~~  So happy!!! X3  I introduced her to Alice and my best friend. Alice played a lot of piano for us~  And I got my buddy to try out Mirai Nikki and she got about halfway through volume two. She really liked it, muahaha. She had to leave early, though. Later my group of Asians went to Books-a-Million and we went dtraight to the manga section X'D  It was really crowded today, probably because it's also where the magazines are. We were running around squealing and fagirling and talking louder than we realized and then we looked up a few minutes later and everyone had left. IT WAS AWESOME~ XDDDD  Ooooooh, they had Alice in the Country of Clover there!!!! I've never seen that series anywhere, even online. I bought it and I do not regret it >8D  So did my new Asian friend. We're so crazy XDD

I must take my leave now, guys. I'm gonna watch this idiot walk across Niagra Falls on a wire.
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Guys, guys~  I (or... Alice...) found this ultra-creepy Vocaloid video and I just found the background for it this afternoon. I've been looking for it for awhile XD  Completely changed the meaning of the whole freaking video. There's a looooooot of information in the background, but you should read it~  You could maybe watch the video first to familiarize yourself with it and then read the background, then watch the video again. It'll make more sense. And if you don't have time to read all of the background, just read the parts about a few of the experiments. Scary stuff.

Background information:


Now, if you don't mind, I think I'll go mop my room (which I've been avoiding, haha) and try to forget until I go to bed tonight X'DDD

Oh, yeah! Here's something funny to kind of take your mind off the creepy video for a bit. It's this hilarious website with so much random stuff XDDDD  It's amazing~~


May. 2nd, 2012 10:10 pm
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I feel better... No longer stressing... Now I just want to get this essay and self-evaluation rubric and final draft done so I don't have to worry about it anymore XD

Still a bit tired because my energy is drained... I ate a little ramen, but it was kind of tasteless... (Not sure if it was from depression or if it's because I've been eating it too often...) Can't wait to visit Japan so I can eat the real thng :3  Then I took a shower even though I wasn't all that dirty. (My mom read that baths help with depression, but baths take too long so I prefer showers XD  They do kind of work, though. Kind of. Depends on how depressed you are...)  It did help a little, but my muscles still didn't really feel like working... So I ended up goofing off for about an hour, looking up doujinshi and whatnot... Now I guess I'm about as alert as I'm going to get, so whatever.

I've found a lot of good doujinshi since I got into it a couple of months ago... I think it was during my art block and I was looking up fanart anyway. Maybe I'll post a collection of links during the summer; I found a ton by Peco and they make me happy XD

Okay. Essay time. Woo :)
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Happy, happy spring break~!!!!!!!!!! Not too much homework for the week, so it's all good :DDDD

So~  I was looking at the hilarious blog page for ugly Pandora Hearts anime screenshots (for the millionth time) and decided to make some icons from the pictures X'DDDDDD  <-- official boredom  Please enjoy~~




Hope you liked these BEAUTIFUL icons XDDDDDD

All pictures came from this lovely site:

Nothing else for today, unfortunately >_<;;;  Just icons XDD
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This is for myself just so I can have an organized collection of GIFs, but they're pretty amusing so you guys can see them, too XD  (Mostly from CAPTALIA's GIF Friday post!)

Like this one~

Oh gosh, when I first saw this one, I remember not being able to breathe for five minutes straight because I was laughing so hard XDDDDD


Many More Over Here~~~ )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]A PORTAL GUN. >8D  I just think that having this random portal gun amidst all these zombies would be hilarious... And you can drop stuff on their heads XD  Like shoot a portal under one zombie and shoot another one over another zombie and then the first zombie falls onto the second one. I would find that hysterical XDD


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