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So apparently art isn't going quite as smoothly as I thought it would ^^;

I was kind of hoping this year I would be able to post a lot more drawings since I'm taking art now and it's actually required to draw stuff, but... I reeeeeeeally suck at the stuff we're being asked to draw DX  Like landscapes. Oh, my Lord. I thought mine was fairly decent considering I'd never worked with perspective or landscapes or mountains or even had a legit light source in my entire life. I used colored pencils to color it because that's one of the few media I'm familiar with. (The teacher wanted me to draw on really big paper instead of in my sketchbook to make me step out of my comfort zone a little bit and that was as far as I was going XD) The picture looked okay when I finished it. But when I got to class the next day and we were all hanging our landscapes on the wall for the class to critique, I realized I was the only one who used colored pencils and the picture was way too light and almost impossible to see. Everyone else has used paint. Vibrant colors. Advanced lighting. And I was just sitting there the whole time, staring in horror at my sad excuse for a nature portrait and thinking about how it looked like complete and utter crap next to everyone else's.

I am never drawing a landscape again. If I tell you guys I'm going to try again I want one of you to shoot me.

So yeah. Our homework was to take our landscapes back home and tweak them based on the critique we got. I'm going over the colored pencils with oil pastels. It's my first time working with oil pastels and I hate them because they don't produce a very smooth texture at all and it pisses me off. (At least they're brighter.) I never thought I would ever say this, but I miss digital coloring DX  I'm not very good at it but it's so much easier and it has an undo button and you can color in different layers. Layers would be so helpful right now omfg. It's almost 3 am here and I'm not even halfway done coloring and I still have a bunch of APUSH left to finish >.>  (We also have to turn in 10 science fair questions tomorrow and I've only thought of one orz  Hopefully I can just change one of the variables and make several more questions out of it.) But I waited until the last minute to do all of this and it's my fault for lacking the ability to focus on anything to save my life so don't feel sorry for me XD

Tonight's going to be another all-nighter but if sleep was important, they wouldn't have invented school. That's my mentality. I'm thinking about giving up drawing manga for awhile or even dropping it completely... I just don't have time to draw it anymore. And when I'm not working on something academic-related, I need to be getting better at realistic art so I can get into college. No college is going to accept manga. The only way I won't end up as a hobo in Central Park when I grow up is if I learn to draw realism and stop doing manga. That's just how it is :/  I'm going to draw a picture for my best friend's birthday at the end of this week and then I'm quitting... Just as a warning.
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