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Okay, it's after one AM so I'm going to bed soon but I thought I'd update you guys on my school adventures a bit ^-^

I would say the first two days have gone fairly well. I pretty much pulled an all-nighter on Sunday trying to get all my homework finished up but I let myself sleep for about an hour at the most. I was proud of myself because I didn't have any caffeine that night :D  Usually I at least have a can of Mountain Dew around midnight but the most I ever did to wake up was take a shower. (Which temporarily worked.) I got almost no French or math done but I really didn't care and I still don't. I mostly finished my math last night, though, so I turned it in a day late today for partial credit. I don't know how much credit, but anything is better than nothing XDDD  I almost cared enough to do one or two more French essays to turn in late, too. But by that time it was like 11pm last night and I was a little tired after being up for about 48 hours ^^;  (Which is all completely my fault because I procrastinated so much this summer so please don't feel bad X'D)

So far my teachers have been pretty nice. We shall see how that opinion changes in a couple of weeks :)  If there's anything most teachers are good at (if they can't teach), its making good first impressions. Of course, I've seen some who made bad impressions but everyone is usually pretty chill the first day and relaxed from the summer.

By the way, my little brother is now a freshman in high school. This is not right. I AM TWO FREAKING YEARS OLDER THAN YOU AND YOU HAD THE NERVE TO GET SEVERAL INCHES TALLER THAN ME!!! GRAAAAAAAH >:(  *fumes*

I dunno if I've mentioned this before, but at registration pretty much all the juniors' schedules were screwed up. Almost everyone got bottom lockers, too, so we're below the sophomores and we're all pretty pissed about it but I'm getting off subject. I chose Philosophy for my IB elective this year because they told us to take harder courses this year to make senior year easier. But when I got my schedule they had put me in AP chemistry. CHEMISTRY. THAT STUPID CLASS WITH THAT CRAZY TEACHER THAT MADE ME REALIZE I'D RATHER DIE THAN SPEND ANOTHER YEAR WASTING MY LIFE WITH. So I had to go get that changed >.>  It was their mistake, though, so we didn't have to pay :3

We all get new copies of our schedules the first day of school, so I got my new one yesterday :D  And I was out of chemistry~  Woo~


I wasn't in philosophy. I guess they couldn't read my handwriting because I got stuck in photography ._.'  So I had to go request another schedule change. That was fun. Especially when the coordinator told me there was no way she could get me into philosophy without changing my schedule around completely. I asked her if she had an idea of what my schedule would be like if we did decide to change it around, so she worked it out and took me out of photography. But there was one class open on my schedule and nothing to fill it. Turned out I was missing English, which didn't have a class that period. I was left with the choice of either staying in photography or being an office or teacher aide, in case there were any teachers I wanted to help. Since I have such great social skills and everything.

So now I'm gonna be in photography. This should be fun :)  I guess that means I can finally move up from taking crappy cloud pictures with my cell phone camera XDDDDDDDDD  And start spamming you all with pretty cloud pictures taken on a digital camera. THERE IS NO ESCAPING THE CLOUD PICTURES. I haven't posted any in a long time but THEY SHALL RETURN TO LOOK FORWARD TO THEM 8D

~EDIT~: Apparently we're going to be using film cameras instead of digital ones and they're going to be in black and white. So I won't be able to capture the full glory of sunsets or anything >.<  But I think if they're black and white they'll have more character than if they were in full color :3

By the way, I'm sorry I'm not responding to comments just yet. I will this weekend, I promise :)
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