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Aug. 15th, 2012 11:18 pm
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I'm doing my best to limit tumblr (though it's not working well) so I'm trying to get back into LJ :3  So uh... Have some drawings?


This is a chibi I drew on my tablet today when I was stressing about homework ^^'  Yesterday I couldn't concentrate on my English so I started doodling random things and I ended up drawing a random guy. Then I created his genderbend. This is her :3  (He/She was going to be a bit tsundere, but now I'm not so sure?? Not with that innocent face...)


Something I did a few days ago when I got sick of doing Frankenstein response journals X'D  I actually (kind of) colored her, as you can tell. I tried drawing a loose shirt because I like the comfy look, but it just made her look fat DX  Stuff like that is a lot easier to pull off in traditional pencil-and-paper art >.>;  (I also got really lazy with the coloring and didn't even bother with adding shines or shadows to her hair or making her shirt more realistic or anything. I really wish I had Photoshop so maybe I could have better tools for that kind of thing DX)


Holy crap this is huge. Recently (or two weeks ago or something) I got into this beautiful anime called Tsuritama. It's about... fishing... for aliens... OKAY IGNORE THAT BECAUSE THAT SOUNDS WEIRD BUT IT'S REALLY REALLY GOOD!! It's about friendship and gay guys and it's a lovely story~  One of my favorite characters is Haru and I did this fanart of him in a chef's outfit. Chef oufits are so cute~  It only got two sympathy likes on tumblr, though :'(  Even though the Tsuritama fandom is really big for an anime that just finished airing in June and I see much more terrible art get many more notes :/  (They didn't try to draw hands in some of them so even though Haru's left hand looks terrible do I get a gold star for trying?? DX)

ANYWAY GUYS. WATCH TSURITAMA. YOU WON'T REGRET IT. Also read Pandora Hearts and A Lollipop or a Bullet because those are amazing series, too :D

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