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I'm on Day 3 of the second week :DDDD  So Shiki's alive now. I think it was really sweet that she was Neku's entry fee :3  Since that means he's finally learned to be nice to someone. And there were many cute moments before that, too, like when he told Shiki that he liked her the way she was. He was just really adorable when he exposed his soft side. Tsunderes are luv <3  :3

Then Joshua comes along. I wasn't expecting to meet him so soon, but oh, well ._.  Now I can ship him with Neku~  That guy is flaming gay. Seriously. Every freaking cut scene he makes some sort of remark that sounds like he's hitting on Neku (who seems to be getting sick of his crap more and more) XD  And right before battles he likes playing with his wavy hair. And I dunno... Even though nobody does any actual talking, when you read the speech bubbles, something about the way he says "partner" (maybe it's that creeper face of his?) seems to say GAY.GAY.GAY. XDDDD  So yeah. I'm pretty sure his sexuality is canon. Or... implied... canon... which would be fanservice... or... I dunno -_-

Ah, here, have a crappy picture of Joshua's gayness:

"Keep staring and you'll make me blush." Wow. I just can't see this guy blushing. That would probably mean Neku would be his seme and that's just wrong. I'm sorry Neku but you just can't top other guys with your personality

Date: 2012-07-08 09:49 pm (UTC)
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I love Joshua. (And his battle style.)

Pfft everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like an innuendo.... Easier to ship them xD
Although I think he's just saying things to merely be a jerk sometimes P:

Date: 2012-07-08 10:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, his battle style is pretty freaking awesome 8D Especially his cell phone camera move thing. So cool :O

Pfffffft yup XD And eh. Could be >.>;


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