Nov. 1st, 2012

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I won't stay on the computer long because I have other stuff that needs to get done but... XD

So I made a DreamWidth account last night (which I regret because I wasted a lot of time online that could've been spent elsewhere orz) but it's pretty similar to LJ's old layout so I'm glad :D

I really don't like that the new friends page layout looks so much like tumblr. They even added infinite scrolling, which I'm not a big fan of... Tumblr will be tumblr and I think LJ should be LJ. I like tumblr because people are constantly posting things and it's really amusing. But I like coming back to LJ because not many people have accounts here and you can make your entries private anyway, so it's better for venting and stuff. Plus it's nice and quiet and doesn't break like tumblr does when Homestuck updates or Hetalia news comes up XD  I don't want LJ to look like tumblr because... It's not tumblr. And it doesn't need to be. And judging from the comments I read about the changes, other people are pretty opposed to it, too...

Just for the record, I don't plan on leaving LJ anytime soon. The reason I got an LJ... How long ago? I think a little over a year :O  (Holy crap, time passes fast.) Anyway. I got it because it was the only way to get access to the raw chapters of Pandora Hearts every month so I wouldn't go crazy from curiosity XDDD  And I doubt the raws provider will post it to many other places, especially not tumblr. She got into a really bad situation some months ago regarding the raw chapters, so she's really cautious now and doesn't want them showing up anywhere other than a members-locked entry of the PH community. I'm willing to deal with the tumblr layout for the comms. I also don't want to leave because this was the very first blog I ever created, and I've made some really good friends through LJ. You're all very supportive and can offer advice and asdfjkl you're all really wonderful people okay <3  If LJ didn't exist I probably wouldn't have such awesome Internet friends and I feel like I can't just abandon this blog, no matter how drastic future changes are 8(

I'll be sticking around here for awhile longer ;)  They can't get rid of me that easily, haha XD

Gonna go rushrushrush to get some art done because I need to practice meeting deadlines with decent pieces ^^;  Since it's the Day of the Dead this week that's our prompt. Just... research it a little and decide what it means to us personally and also mix in some things from a famous Mexican artist named Jose Posada. He did a lot of skeletons in his drawings and I've never tried drawing an accurate skeleton but whatever, experience is good \o/  And if time allows I'm gonna try using watercolors to paint it because that's the only paint we have X'D  Acryllics are expensive D'8


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