Aug. 19th, 2012

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Welp, school starts tomorrow and I haven't finished my homework. I did finish all of my English stuff, though, so I guess I feel a little accomplished X'D  I did two out of five French essays and I teamed up with a few of my friends for the book work. (I'm about to start copying/checking/editing the work right now. I did a bunch of the additional exercises in the back of the book and they gave me most of the first half.) I did about half of the math today, so now I'm just kind of bs-ing it so that maybe I'll get effort points ^^'  And... um... I'm sad to say that my parents helped me a LOT with history. And I mean A LOT. My mom did all my terms for me (but she just copied and pasta-ed everything from random websites) and my dad is working on the reading guide for The Founding Brothers >.<  I'm not going to let him finish it because he's done a lot and I deserve the bad grade anyway DX  And it's getting late and I don't want him to overwork himself.

Hopefully they won't grade our stuff too harshly :/  But for now... I guess this is goodbye for awhile DDD:  (I plan to get on tumblr later this week to say the same.) I wish you guys luck on the school year :DDDDDDDD  I'll probably come back here every now and then if I'm procrastinating or something and I'll comment on entries whenever I get the chance. So yeah :)  My school is cutting off a lot of vacation days so we still don't have a full week of Thanksgiving and only like a week and a half for Christmas and no weather days. If it's like that for any of you guys... I WISH YOU MUCH LUCK. Also, take mental health days if need be :D  Sometimes it's really helpful to just stay home for a day and work on homework from the previous night or just rest :)


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