Jun. 15th, 2012

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Short post today~

I just created a tumblr account and ranted about how it made no sense. T_T  'Cause it doesn't. Grah! DDX  (I have the same username as I do here... If anyone wanted to be my friend or explain to me how the heck you do anything X'D)

Ahh, I have a new Asian friend!!! She's so awesome! She is my level otaku, which is pretty freaking major. You don't find many people like that. She likes a whole bunch of manga that I do (as well as a whole bunch I don't, like Black Butler and Naruto and Bleach and crap like that, just to name a few. And Nabari no Ou.). She really likes Mirai Nikki and just finished the series because it's just that amazing. I got her to read PH~~  So happy!!! X3  I introduced her to Alice and my best friend. Alice played a lot of piano for us~  And I got my buddy to try out Mirai Nikki and she got about halfway through volume two. She really liked it, muahaha. She had to leave early, though. Later my group of Asians went to Books-a-Million and we went dtraight to the manga section X'D  It was really crowded today, probably because it's also where the magazines are. We were running around squealing and fagirling and talking louder than we realized and then we looked up a few minutes later and everyone had left. IT WAS AWESOME~ XDDDD  Ooooooh, they had Alice in the Country of Clover there!!!! I've never seen that series anywhere, even online. I bought it and I do not regret it >8D  So did my new Asian friend. We're so crazy XDD

I must take my leave now, guys. I'm gonna watch this idiot walk across Niagra Falls on a wire.


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